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Science To Consumers Inc. Introduces Its New CEO

GUANGZHOU, CHINA–(Marketwired – Feb 29, 2016) – Science to Consumers Inc. (OTCQB: BEUT) (The Company), is pleased to introduce Edwon Lam as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Science To Consumers Inc., effective as of August 18, 2015. “After a thorough and deliberate selection process, the Company is delighted that Mr. Lam will lead the Company as we navigate through the evolving and expanding landscape of marketing beauty products in China,” said Vitaliy Gorelik, President of the Company. Mr. Lam has over twenty years of marketing management experience in the consumer packaged goods industry where he has consistently increased revenue, market share and profitability. Combined with this experience, he has an additional two years’ experience in marketing research consultancy where he has defined, launched and marketed over 10 successful, profitable products for US cosmetic products in China. His expertise in e-commerce management in consumer goods will be invaluable in launching the Company’s online marketing strategy of its products. During his tenure as a Senior Marketing Consultant, with Facial Apps Ltd., of China, where he lead the company’s marketing initiatives for a line of derma cosmetics. (www.facialapps.taobao.com) Increasing product awareness he is combining a digital marketing solutions of E-Commerce, social media, SEO along with the traditional marketing initiatives of Brand awareness, direct marketing, advertising management, marketing research, and developing a media and communication strategy for the brand which will include the mediums of TV, radio, digital, and print. Prior to working with Facial Apps Ltd., of China, between 2008 and 2012 Mr. Lam was the Managing Director of Guangzhou Guo Ye Koyo Auto Parts Company Ltd., where he was in-charge of...

Science to Consumers Inc. Signs Exclusive License Agreement With Biomatrix, Inc.

GUANGZHOU, CHINA–(Marketwired – Feb 22, 2016) – Science to Consumers Inc. (OTCQB: BEUT) (The Company) is pleased to announce that on December 29, 2015 the Company signed a five-year exclusive licensing agreement with Biomatrix, Inc. for the People’s Republic of China and Europe. Science to Consumers, Inc., is focused on anti-aging and good-for-your-body products. Utilizing 21st century science and cost-effective high-return marketing, the Company is poised to take advantage of the aging of the largest single demographic group in history, the baby boomers. The agreement will allow Science to Consumers Inc., to market and sell at least six of its special formulated anti-aging products including the DermaLastyl line. The first products the Company plans to sell are DermaLastyl skin care products. DermaLastyl is a trademarked anti-aging cream that helps to reduce wrinkles through the use of revolutionary science. The key ingredient, Tropoelastin, is a patented formulation of elastin produced by genetic engineering that promotes healing and renewing of the skin. Protein Genomics, Inc., based in Flagstaff, Arizona, created Tropoelastin specifically to heal wounds. The Company, now through its agreement with Biomatrix, Inc., has the exclusive license and rights to market Tropoelastin for cosmetic applications in the markets of China and Europe. The patented science and IP technology licensed to the Company provides an advantage over the competition because DermaLastyl actually repairs and heals damaged elastin, thus reversing the appearance of aging. The DermaLastyl line are genetically engineered products on the market that helps restore elastin and elastic properties to the skin and around the eyes. “Science to Consumers and Biomatrix Inc. have worked diligently over the past year to...