dermalastyl-m anti-wrinkle after shave for men


2 mo. supply

Smooths out lines caused by aging.

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Product Description

Smoothing out lines caused by aging has never been easier or more convenient. Just follow your habitual shaving routine and then smooth on our anti-aging aftershave, DermaLastyl-m. Our special formula contains real human elastin in the form of our exclusive Elastatropin®. This vital ingredient restores your youthful appearance and improves the condition of your skin in mere months.

Your skin readily absorbs water-soluble Elastatropin, which delivers genuine human elastin to the skin. The protein elastin keeps skin flexible and able to stretch or contract, and then return to its normal shape. Elastin diminishes in the human body over time, a process that promotes the visible onset of aging. Anti-aging DermaLastyl-m staves off these wrinkles without adding any steps to your morning grooming regimen. To applyour aftershave, rub it evenly into your skin, and enjoy looking years younger.

key ingredients

Our new and refreshing aftershave dissolves the signs of aging through the integration of several key components. Like our original wrinkle erasing skin cream, DermaLastyl-β, DermaLastyl-m aftershave reduces the appearance of existing wrinkles and prevents the onset of new ones. DermaLastyl-m contains Argireline® to help relax facial muscles, and Matrixyl 3000® to promote collagen production. It also employs Hyaluronic Acid to both moisturize and stimulate collagen synthesis, and Proli-Sel® selenium antioxidant to help protect your face against photodamage.

While these ingredients and the Elastatropin alleviate the visible effects of aging, our anti-wrinkle aftershave also incorporates NanoCool™, a proprietary nanoencapsulated technology that provides a strong cooling sensation where it is applied. Much like a revitalizing dip in the ocean or a frosty hint of mint, the inclusion of NanoCool™ turns your everyday aftershave into a luxurious at-home spa treatment, while the addition of Elastatropin and other actives reduces the need for wrinkle-eradicating surgical procedures.

DermaLastyl-m makes it easy to say goodbye to your wrinkles. You won’t notice a change in your daily routine, but you will notice the difference in your appearance!