dermalastyl-m facial scrub for men


2 mo. supply

Cleans and reduces the effects of aging on your skin

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Product Description

What if something you already do every day could erase the wrinkles from your face? Our new exfoliating scrub can do just that. While you wash your face, our new skin cleansing product counters the effects of aging. The highly effective active ingredients – including our exclusive, youth-restoring Elastatropin® – tackle existing wrinkles and avert the arrival of new ones. The grainy texture of our exfoliating scrub releases dead skin cells from your face, leaving your skin soft and smooth. The cleanser’s anti-aging qualities and effective dosage of Elastatropin restore your skin’s youthful condition simultaneously while clearing your pores and improving your complexion. With so many demands in life, the answer to wrinkle prevention is obvious. Substitute our exfoliating scrub into your daily facial care routine for a few months. You’ve got nothing to lose – but the wrinkles.